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Featured Rug of the Month                   June 2018
                                             Unhooking and Rehooking

A well-made hand-hooked rug will last for generations, so it seems inevitable that at some point the color scheme will go out of fashion. You might be moving house or just redecorating, and that old beloved rug may not go with your current color scheme. No need to get rid of that old treasure, when it could so easily be refurbished and updated.

                           Tree of Life 30.5"x22", Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

It is subtle, but these pics show before and after. When I finished Tree of Life, I felt that the night sky was too purple. Now, maybe Van Gogh could get away with a purple night sky, but I just couldn't. So even though the rug had already been hemmed and the edges bound, I was able to unhook the purple/blue variegated sky section and replace it with a basic blue variegated yarn. The purple yarn isn't going in the garbage or anything, it's still perfectly hookable and will be used in a future project, but now I feel that the sky works better.

                                 Good Dog Rug, ca. 1960's refurbished

Here was a charming old rug I found on ebay. I really liked the dog, but didn't care for the bright green background, so I updated the background to suit my own taste.

This question often comes up when I am repairing an old rug. The client has a choice of either going with the best I can do to match the color, which can sometimes show up on the finished rug as a patch, or the other option is to replace the whole color section with new yarn, thereby creating a seamless repair.

Penny Runner, 21.5"x49" Designed and hooked (and rehooked!) by Judy Taylor

Here again you see the before and after for this Penny Runner. I didn't change any of the pennies, I just replaced the drab brown background with a bright blue, creating a cheerful update!

So the next time you are tempted to pack an old rug away to the attic, consider rehooking it to give it new life!

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