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Featured Rug of the Month                  January 2019
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Demelza 24.5"x39" Designed and hooked with T-shirts by Judy Taylor

This is the second time I've hooked this design. The first time I used yarn, so this time I thought it would be a fun challenge to try T-shirts. 

I like to have 12 oz of yarn on hand to hook the background, so with T-shirts, I knew I would need at least three large T-shirts. I picked black, one new looking, and the other two slightly faded from many washings. That way, I could alternate between the T-shirt strips and get a variegated effect, just like hand dyed yarn. 

For the month of January, you can order this pattern on linen or custom kit for 20% off. You can order the kit with yarn or with T-shirts.

I can do colors similar to what you see here, but of course, I can do any colors that you like. It's your rug, you can choose your favorite colors. If you have specific colors in mind (like something that will match your couch, paint, or wall paper, etc) it's best if you can mail me a small piece of fabric or paint chips from the hardware store in the colors that you like. (Mail your samples to Little House Rugs, PO Box 2003, Auburn, WA 98071) That way I can match your colors without guesswork. If you don't like the colors when the kit arrives, feel free to send them back and I'll try again. Sometimes you need to see the color in the light of the room where you want the rug to go to really be sure.

If you order the pattern on linen, let me know if you're planning on hooking with T-shirts, so I can pre-wash the linen before I draw the pattern. The pattern comes with suggested yarn requirements, but if you want to hook your pattern with T-shirts, just figure three large T-shirts for the background, and 6-12 (6 if you want the hit or miss to be the same in every square, 12 if you want to alternate color schemes, like I did) T-shirts for the hit or miss corners and the crewel design features.
Demelza Rug pattern on linen: $85
January sale price 20% off: $68
Demelza Rug Custom Kit (in your choice of colors, in yarn or T-shirt strips: $250
January sale price 20% off: $200.00