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Featured Rug of the Month                  September 2019
Featured Artist Karen West
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                            Fall Leaves, 30"x23"  Designed and hooked by Karen West

I got interested in rug hooking after visiting my friend's parents farm in August 2018. Her mother had many rug hookings throughout their house and I learned that she had made them. She uses cut wool and let me try hooking a few pieces of material and I was hooked! I went home and researched like crazy about rug hooking. I decided I wanted to make a rug with wool yarn, since it is more easily accessible and I like yarn. I wanted to make a floor rug for my sons' room. Since I love fall, I created my own design of many different fall colored leaves with a green background and I call it "Fall Leaves". Since I also discovered Swedish Weaving at this time, it took me about a year to finish the rug and I love it.

I am currently working on two other rug projects using yarn. One is a 45" x 60" floor rug that I am making using the artwork of my son, who just finished kindergarten. Hopefully I will finish it before he is done with elementary school! The other rug I am working on is my design, which is inspired by a visit to the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, WA and seeing all the beautiful native beadwork designs. This rug will be 29" x 20".

I love rug hooking and I love working with wool yarn. And I love reading and learning more about rug hooking. I currently hook on monk's cloth but hope to try other backing material like linen and rug warp. I love how such beautiful works are created with such simple tools. I started using a Joan Moshimer hook but now I am using a Hartman hook.

Karen West, Seattle, WA