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Featured Rug of the Month                  February 2019
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Sharon Johnston, 
Alberta, Canada

I did not want the standard shape for my Seasons Series, so I made the decision that the trees would create the boundaries.

I take various thickness of cording wrapping them with yarn and through to backing to keep them in place.

Once I have all the trees using various yarns I will then hook around them or use embroidery to create foliage, sometimes I will add cut felt or sparkly yarn for more dimension and variety. It does not have to be straight rug hooking, I will use any kind of needlework that gets the result I am looking for as well as any material that will pull through the backing without breaking.

Then the whole piece is attached to foam core hiding the stitching between loops of yarn.

Finally a canvas back is stitched to hide the back of the work and make it look tidy, then signed and labeled for the galleries that handle my work.

I prefer to make my pieces dimensional rather than flat and to give them shapes other than the standard geometric, although will do some work that way.

My yarns are all found yarn that weavers, knitters and crochet people are discarding and never dyed by me. Usually not wool as I have an allergy to pure wool.

You can view more of my art by visiting Collectors Gallery of Art.

November in the Forest, 18.5"-12" 
Designed, hooked and embroidered by Sharon Johnston 
Larch Trees, Highwood Pass, Alberta, 9"x13"
Designed, hooked and embroidered by Sharon Johnston 
Summer in the Forest, 19.5"x13"
Designed, hooked and embroidered by Sharon Johnston 
Spring in the Forest, 18.5"x12"
Designed, hooked and embroidered by Sharon Johnston 
Winter in the Forest, 18"x13"
Designed, hooked and embroidered by Sharon Johnston