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Featured Rug of the Month                  July 2019
Featured Artist Marcy Gonzales
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Although my first learning experience was a coffee mug (above left), the pillow was my first actual project! I got the pattern from a Rug Hooking Magazine insert. It was also my first experience dying my own wool. It is fun to play with color dying but I’m still working on creating exact colors of varying hues which is much more challenging. 
Pillow, 18"x18" Pattern insert from Rug Hooking Magazine Hooked by Marcy Gonzales
Cienna Grace, 19"x22" Designed and hooked by Marcy Gonzales
My neighbor, Mary Schnitzler, is an accomplished rug hooker and certified teacher. After much admiration of her work, she agreed to teach a small group of us in her home. I have always been a crafter and am always ready to learn something new. 

I loved rug hooking immediately for many reasons. The rhythm of hooking is very relaxing and now I find I can’t sit in front of the television without hooking (must be how crochet enthusiasts feel). I love the textures and colors I can play with and the possibilities are endless! I also use a lot of recycled materials in my work, I feel it gives the piece some added character when I can give a discarded garment new life.  

Since I began rug hooking, I’ve learned to leave more space between my loops to allow the wool to bloom. I’ve learned not to be afraid to use different fibers in the same rug. I’ve learned techniques for shading to give your work dimension, and I’ve learned that straight lines aren’t always the best approach. Some pieces look better with the loops pulled in different directions. Mostly what I’ve learned is that I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN!  

To date, I have attended inspiring workshops with Sharon Smith and Donna Hrkman.  Recently, I was selected to be the artist of the month at a local Fiber Arts Center and that has been exciting. 

The act of pulling a loop of wool through linen is simple, but there is so much more to the art! I started rug hooking less than two years ago and look forward to continuing to learn about this beautiful art! 

Marcy Gonzales, Los Lunas, NM

Ocean View, 16"x24" Adapted from a photograph and hooked by Marcy Gonzales
Wolf, 19"x22" Adapted from a piece by Theresa Paden. Hooked by Marcy Gonzales