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Easy to make Jacob Sheep Ornaments/Refrigerator Magnets  
Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

What's a Jacob Sheep? It's a rare old breed that we still preserve today. 
It is named for the biblical Jacob, who bred spotted sheep to spotted 
sheep and got (wait for it) spotted sheep! In those days, especially in 
desert climates, raising colored sheep was an economic boon, so those 
were pretty good times for old Jacob. 

Jacob Sheep always have horns, although they can be two, four, or even 
six horns. Every Jacob Sheep is individually marked, so you can always 
tell who everyone is. They are intelligent (ahem, for a sheep, that is), 
curious and friendly.

I've been raising Jacob Sheep on our farm for over thirty years. This 
magnificent fellow you see here (right) was named Geoffrey Charles, and 
was one of our first Jacobs.

I designed my Jacob Sheep Ornaments to be a quick, easy project. They can 
be made as ornaments for the tree, or refrigerator magnets. You can use the 
instructions here to make a coupla dozen of these unique sheepies, but if you
like to have all the supplies provided, you can also order the kit (see the bottom of the post).

To begin, you can just freehand the design on your burlap. Draw ovals that are about 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide, with two eye patches and a nose patch. Since all Jacob Sheep are uniquely marked, you can make all your ornaments different. When you draw your ovals, be sure to leave some space in between, so you'll have some burlap selvage. 

1. Hook the ovals with black and white yarn, and cut them out, leaving at least 1" of burlap all around.
2. With a regular needle and thread, stitch the burlap selvage down, as close as possible to the hooked edge. Be sure to dig deep with your needle, so you're grabbing the backing, not a bit of yarn.
3. Trim the excess burlap away. Then you can press the ornament from the back side with a steam iron.
4. Bend a 12" pipe cleaner as shown above, with the top horn, ear and lower horn. Then hot glue (or sew) the pipe cleaners to the back of the ornament.
5. Hot glue (or sew) the ribbon to the ornament. If you prefer to make a refrigerator magnet, skip this step. Then hot glue (or sew) black felt to the back of the ornament. Trim away excess felt. If you want to make a refrigerator magnet, you will hot glue the magnet to the felt backing (you have to use hot glue for this).
If you don't want to have to put together all the fiddly bits you'll need, you can purchase a kit. It comes with everything you'll need to hook 4 Jacob Sheep ornaments (pattern on burlap, yarn, ribbon, pipe cleaners, felt, magnets, rug hooking instructions and sewing instructions). (Note: the kit does not include a hook)

Jacob Sheep Ornaments Kit: $25.00  
Need a hook?
Or throw in our award-winning book and make it a Special Package (kit, hook and book) (you'll save $15)

Special Package: $57.00