Little House Rugs
Featured Rug of the Month                   May 2018
                                                        Hattie Portrait 12"x12"
Designed and hooked by Judy Taylor

Here is another example of the versatility of rug hooking. Anyone, even your favorite pets, can be memorialized into a rug or decorative mat! 

The best way to capture the model's features is to take a photograph to an Office Depot or FedEx store and ask them to enlarge the picture in black and white. ​Experiment with the dimensions until you get it to a size where you can hook in detail. I always think about the size of the yarn I would like to hook with, and make the image big enough to hook the finest detail. In the Lady Teasle Mat (above left) I knew I would need something very fine for the whiskers, so I used a single ply silk. Now I would not want to hook the whole project in a single ply ANYTHING, but I don't have to. I just needed the image to be large enough so I could hook something like whiskers.

In order to capture the amount of detail I wanted for the Lady and the Unicorn, I had to go big (34.5"x45.5")!

For every $50 you spend with Little House Rugs between now and November 25, 2018, you will be entered to win this Antique Flower Rug (a $480 value) hand-hooked with handspun and dip-dyed yarns from Little House Rugs
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When you're happy with the size of your black and white image, take a Sharpie pen and begin to fill in all the detail areas, like the outlines, eyes, nose, etc. Then lay window screen (you can get this by the roll at a hardware store, look for fiberglass in the lightest gray you can get) over your marked-up black and white image. Go over all your detail markings with the Sharpie pen so they are transferred up to the window screen. Then just lay the window screen over your backing material, and re-draw the lines again with the permanent marker. It's handy to have an enlarged color photo (although it doesn't have to be to scale) to refer to as you hook the model.