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Hand-hooked designs and custom kits by Judy Taylor

Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!)

This book has everything you need to know to get started, including detailed rug hooking instructions, which yarns work best for rug hooking, designing your own projects, our award-winning DVD and more.
Rug Hookier's Guide to the YARNIVERSE!

This book takes you beyond the basics, including how to create fine detail, portrait rugs, primitive designs, and more, with dozens of templates to practice your skills.

Hooking With Yarn

T-Shirt Treasures- Creating Heirloom Hooked Rugs from the Humble T-Shirt

This book shows you how easy it is to create beautiful, durable and machine washable rugs with T-shirts, with step-by-step instructions and seven projects to try. 

Hooking With T-Shirts