Featured Rug of the Month            January 2020

Hooking a T-Shirt Rug

Remember when you were a kid, and you opened up a brand-new box of crayons? All those lovely colors and perfectly sharpened tips? How your fingers itched to get started. Your greatest dilemma, which color to use first?

I'll bet I know what you thought at that moment: "I don't know anything about colors."


You knew exactly what you wanted! You gravitated to your favorites, with magic-inspiring names like Cerulean, Periwinkle and Razzmatazz. Or if you're like me, you did a few drawings using every gosh-darned one of them.

​That's what it's like to hook a rug like Waste Not Want Not. There are no rules, no creative decisions to make, nothing but pure color play. Of course, you could hook up this hit-or-miss design with yarn or wool fabric strips, but making this rug up with T-shirts just came naturally for me. They come in every color of the rainbow, and even some colors rainbows aint got to yet! T-shirts are a lot easier on your budget, they hook up just like yarn, they're super tough and durable, and best of all, they're MACHINE WASHABLE! (the rug shown above has already been through the wash, gentle cycle, cold water, and air dried).
If you haven't tried hooking with T-shirts yet, try taking a stroll down the T-shirt aisle in your local thrift store. Think about your favorite color palette. I guarantee you'll find your favorite colors there. 
I like to cut up my T-shirts on a cutting mat, using a yardstick as a guide and a rotary cutter. I line up my yardstick so the strip will be about 3/8" wide. Most T-shirts will curl if you tug them on the ends, then they really hook up just like yarn. 
Check out my Youtube video on how to hook with T-shirt strips. 

​Also, you'll find lots of instruction, ideas and versatile project ideas in my book, T-Shirt Treasures.)
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